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Dee 4 Dogs

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Blue Wheelers

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The Best Little Paw House

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Make your way directly into the Hall of Fame, Sir. This is the best little name I’ve seen for a dog groomer outside of Texas. Bravo to Marc Burns for spotting it in Shepparton, Victoria. I wonder if they offer breeding services?

The Best Little Paw House


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Happy Tails

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Moulin Pooch

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I’m going to put this in the Hall of Fame – not because it’s a great Pun Shop Name, but because it just tries SO HARD. If only ‘Rouge’ and ‘Pooch’ sounded alike… they don’t? Let’s just go for it anyway, no one will care. Spotted by Josh Ferrett in San Francisco.

Moulin Pooch

D’Tail Pet Styling

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Doggie Style

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The Pet Set

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Heavy Petting

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Pets in the City

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Muttley Crew

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