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A Novel Idea

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Better Read Than Dead

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So you buy your Dad a book for Christmas and he tears open the paper looking so excited and manages to retain his smile even though it’s another crappy damn book that barely made its way onto the bestseller list and he waits for you to go before taking it to a bookshop to trade for something he actually likes but guarantees that he read it next time you see him but can’t really remember the storyline but it was a ‘page-turner’. Where do these boring books end up After-Words? Spotted in Chicago¬†Illinois by Jonathan Schneider.


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Regular contributor Jonathan Schneider sends this PSN from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA and writes, “Book Smart is a term used to describe someone good at school but not so smart at regular life.” I’m picturing Uni students buying all their textbooks here and then walking outside and getting hit by a bus.

Cook the Books

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Mindfield Books

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Captain Haversham: “If we advance to the north, it could be three weeks before we make the river.” Corporal Smith: “But if we advance through that bookshop, Sir, we could be there in three days”. Unfortunately, soon after, young Smith had his leg blown off by a copy of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. Submitted by Second Lieutenant Simon O’Brien in Mt. Barker SA – “In Memoriam.”

Mindfield Books