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Well, in the small world of Pun Shop Name collecting, this is a big day. The top of the Top Punters list has sported a familiar pair of names since day one (nearly 5 years!). But today that changes. Jonathan Schneider, well done. You did it ‘YoWay’. *But as a footnote, the author of this blog has contributed a little over 300 PSNs of his own. 😉


Smoothie Whirl’d

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16 Handles

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This is a great 80s-style Pun Shop Name, but I was disappointed they don’t seem to embrace the Molly Ringwald-ness of it in-store. At least give Long Duk Dong a job there. Spotted in Gaithersburg Maryland by Jonathan Schneider.

16 Handles

A Piece of Cake

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Gel Lido

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