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Sweat Shop

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Sole Mate

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Flat Out

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Shoe Fly

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When I was a kid, this classic children’s song was sung by Noni Hazlehurst on Playschool (Australia). But according to the song’s Wikipedia page, it was “commonly sung by soldiers during the Spanish-American War of 1898, when flies and the yellow fever mosquito were a serious enemy.” What could be better than a cute song to defend yourself against yellow fever? Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Boulder Colorado.

Shoe Fly

Boots ‘n’ All

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R. Soles

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Foot of the Mountains

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Feet First

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Sole Addiction

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It would seem this retailer in Nowra NSW has a sole addiction for shoes. Oh, and hats. And bags. And accessories and wedding and… much more. Spotted by Nadia McCrohon (who I think shares some of these addictions?).


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Do be sure to visit ShoeBeDoo if you, need a shoe. This classic song lyric fits perfectly when you can’t think of anything to rhyme with ‘you’ and has been sung by everyone from Michael Jackson to The Cars. Spotted by first time punter Josh Ferrett in Bunbury WA.

Lost Soles

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Up & Running

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Uggs & Kisses

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This Pun Shop Name gets a stand up and slow clap. It’s brilliant. Just when you think you’ve seen them all, you get a classic in your inbox like this. Spotted by Simon O’Brien in Adelaide SA, it’s straight into the Hall of Fame for you.