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Doggy Style Hotdogs

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Mustard’s Last Stand

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What’s Up Dog!

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With all the possible puns around ‘dog’ I’m surprised they went with a Bugs Bunny reference. And I must admit, I’m a little disappointed they went with an exclamation mark and not a question mark. But what the hey, it’s still a great PSN, spotted in San Fransisco, California by Marc Burns.

What's Up Dog!

Massive Wieners

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There’s a huge temptation to make a joke about this hot dog vendor, spotted by Kath O’Shea in Prahan Victoria. For example, “Kath is always on the lookout for Massive Wieners”. But I wouldn’t make a crass joke like that, it’s not my style.

Frankly Speaking

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Award Wieners

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Hot Doug’s

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