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I was a little skeptical on this one, but I have to admit, it’s a ‘drive-through’ coffee shop, so yes – you get your coffee rush when you’re in a rush. Could be our first one-word PSN? Spotted by Simon O’Brien in Collinswood SA.


Ground Control

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Bumps and Grinds

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Sporting the rather passive/aggressive slogan “You’ll like what you get”, here’s a coffee shop for the snow crowd, spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Park City, Utah. Presumably the ‘more’ is mainly attitude.

Bumps N Grinds

Long White Cafe

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Ancient Grounds

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Thanks a Latte

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All The Perks

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Fleetwood Macchiato

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You could give your coffee shop a boring name, or you could go your own way. I’m not telling any little lies when I say this brilliant PSN was voted into the Hall of Fame with a landslide. Spotted by the gypsy, Renée Keogh in Erskineville NSW.

Fleetwood Macchiato

Loaf & Devotion

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Tart to Tart

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Remember ‘Hart to Hart’, that classic early 80s TV series where the millionaire couple worked as secret detectives? No? Neither do I. Here’ s Tart to Tart, spotted in San Francisco, California by Marc Burns.