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Blazing Saddles

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One Track Mind

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OK, so I understand a ‘single track’ is a type of downhill mountain bike course. I knew a guy who broke both his arms doing one of these… he said he would marry his girlfriend if they were still together after the casts came off. I understand ‘toilet time’ was the main issue. Well, you’ll be pleased to know they are now husband and wife. Anyway, this PSN was spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Vail Colorado.

One Track Mind

Bike Minded

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The Cycologist

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It seems that Fort Collins, Colorado USA is a hotbed for PSNs for bike shops. First there was Grateful Tread Bikes and now The Cycologist, spotted by Jonathan Schneider. Frankly, if you’re prepared to pay the prices they ask for in flash bike shops like these.. you probably do need medical help. For more bike shops, including Hall of Famer ‘Pushy Galore’, click here.


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Grateful Tread Bikes

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Pushy Galore

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