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Moral Fibre

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Day Buy Day

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Lettuce Inn

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Food for Thought

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I feel we’ve hit a bit of a lull. Yes, yes… I get it. But surely if you’re going to jump the train into the wonderful world of Pun Shop Names, this is the first stop? Why get off here? Why not take the ride all the way to The Hall of Fame? Again, I’m posting this as a warning. Let’s all pull up our socks. Spotted by Janet and Simon O’Brien in Mt. Gambier SA – a town I feel we’ve totally tapped out.

She’s Apples

September 14, 2012 Leave a comment

I wonder if this translates for our international readers? I had imagined ‘she’s apples’ to be a uniquely Australian expression, meaning ‘everything is OK’. Regardless, using it as a PSN for a fruit shop is absolutely ‘apples’, in my opinion. Found in Mt Gambier, South Australia by Janet O’Brien.

The Salad Servers

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Lettuce Deliver

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Adam’s Apple

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Dig Inn

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Lifethyme Natural Market

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I’m pretty selective about which PSNs make it onto the blog. If they’re a bit weak they normally don’t make these esteemed pages. This one was teetering on the edge, but the flying fruit got it over the line. Well done Marc Burns for spotting it on 6th Ave, New York. And for the camera work.

Lettuce Inn

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A Leap of Taste

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New contributor Rhonda has stumbled across the mythical town of Klamath Falls in Oregon USA, where every shop has a Pun Name. Here’s the first.. probably the longest bow, but we’re prepared to take that ‘leap of faith’.

Wild Thyme

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