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iClass Eyewear

March 27, 2015 1 comment

This is an interesting one. Clearly they mean ‘high class’, but they’ve pushed the pun one step further by using the ‘i’ and not ‘eye’. Hmm, odd really. Perhaps they scan your eyes with an iPhone app? Spotted by Jonathan Schneider in Jupiter Florida.

iClass Eyewear

Out of Sight

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Eye Catching

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Visual Eyes

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The Eyes Have It

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Ideal Eyes

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V Eye P

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Eye Q

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They say glasses make you look smarter. If that’s the case, this PSN is genius. Spotted by Nadia McCrohon in Nowra NSW. It’s surprising how many Optometrists have Pun Shop Names – who would have known they were so kooky?

Site for Sore Eyes

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I occasionally get grief from a certain prolific contributor who isn’t entirely enamoured with the quality of some of the PSNs I choose to post. Well, the dictionary definition of ‘Eye Line’ is ‘a person’s line of sight’. And this is an Optometrist. In Hobart. Spotted by Simon and Janet O’Brien.


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Eye Site

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Eye Deal Optical

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