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Daily Bread

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Under Wraps

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Lettuce Tempt You

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Loaf & Devotion

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The Whole Hog

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Well Bread Sandwiches

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Earl of Sandwich

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For a lot of intensely boring information about the ‘Earl of Sandwich’, a 17th Century title in the Peerage of England, click here. For an awesome sandwich… visit this Earl, spotted by Michael Birchall in New York USA.

‘Wich Craft

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The Lunching Pad

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Brighton Le Sandwich

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The Daily Bagel

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What if Peter Parker had become a photographer for The Daily Bagel, instead of The Daily Bugle? Boring photos.. but, free lunch. Anyway, this newsworthy Pun Shop Name was photographed by Rhonda in the puntastic Klamath Falls, Oregon USA.. a town seemingly festooned with PSNs.

Lentil as Anything

March 10, 2010 1 comment

Too many times I’ve seen the sun come up through bloodshot eyes this week. Might be time for some Lentils. This will of course only make sense to fans of the classic Australian band Mental as Anything. Spotted by the groovy Mangal DayDreamer, in St. Kilda, Victoria. Live it up..